Like tears in rain


[work in progress]

I have memories. You have memories too. But let’s try to put our personal memories aside for an instant and attempt to create one memory, a sensorial moment… together.

Can you tell where it started? Where did it end? When did the memory stop being a reminiscence from the past and started feeling as a prediction or a prophecy? I invite you to enter this room and find the pieces that are part of this story.

“This is exactly what happens when we are in the dark. You shut down the lights, you are in absolute darkness and what happens is that, all of a sudden, you cannot tell exactly where the limits of your body are and also where is that the limit of the outside world might be. In the dark you fall into a kind of vertigo, in which you enter into this becoming space that only darkness can actually provide you.”

André Lepecki on Roger Callois, in On Enclosed Spaces and the Great Outdoors, conference at the Braake Grond, 2015.