Alice in Underwear

 Alice in Underwear is a performance based on the search for the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. When entering the room, the audience finds this strange ambiguous feminine figure, a child-woman, a naïf storyteller but also an unbalanced dancer that reminds us an old cabaret. Alice is a character that lives between dimensions, between the past and the present. Alice is a storyteller but also an erotic dancer (or just a little girl playing with her dress). A short performance about time, memory and an obsession for childhood and fantasy. The constant search for astonishing little things and permanent disappointment.
This piece evokes fragmented times in one single space, not as a clash between moments but rather as a wholeness of events and ages in one single person, addressing the body as a matter able to bring those different ages together. In the spirit of Carroll, it is not about answers, rather about conjectures.